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Fall 2017 Print Edition

Shreveport Magazine has a vision. Our vision is to serve a greater purpose, and that purpose is to bring together creative minds to design a magazine that evokes real emotions, private reflection, and thoughtful conversation. Our hope is that you will find a place in your home or business to kick back and indulge in inspirational stories of hope, innovation, triumph, and belief in a brighter tomorrow. Wherever you may journey within our city, you can find people, places, and things that make our community special, and a story that is well worth telling. We want our readers to...

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A Q&A With Gregory Kallenberg

Shreveport Magazine: Tell me three things people need to know about the Film Prize. Gregory Kallenberg: I would say, people here in Shreveport need to understand that the Film Prize has become one of the preeminent film competitions in the country. I think they also need to know, maybe as part of number one, that we give fifty thousand dollars. It is actually the world’s largest cash prize given for a short film in the world right now. I would tell you that when I travel around, the film groups now know where Shreveport, Louisiana is and they know...

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