Author: Sarah Hebert

Finding Your Fitness Spirit

It was a victory moment. Russell Heins was smiling at himself in a 10 by 8-inch mirror, finally proud of the way he looked in a t-shirt and flexing biceps from his dedicated daily workouts. Several months before, he’d set his sights on becoming a better person, looking great and thinking he might even be able to score a date with a beautiful lady. He finally was seeing the results of hard work and dedication to his personal well-being. Today, Heins is the Remington Suite Hotel & Spa’s fitness director and in-house certified personal trainer, helping people in Shreveport...

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Two Artists: Sunny Side Up

Brandon Oldenburg and Ralph Eggleston have many things in common. They both work as designers and artists for animated films. They both won the Academy Award for best short film. And, most importantly, they both eat breakfast. Eggleston, a Louisiana native, works at Pixar and contributed his talents to animated films like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, WALL•E and most recently, Inside Out with roles ranging from production designer to art director to general artistic problem solver. Oldenburg was featured on the cover of Shreveport Magazine’s first issue, where you can learn about the massive pile of accolades...

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The Power Of The Artside

One of my favorite parts of watching movies is looking at the long list of credits and taking in the number of people it takes to pull off a high-caliber film. It’s no different for animated films and interactive projects at Moonbot Studios, where the average crew size on a short film can range anywhere from 25 to 40 people, depending on the length and scale of a project. Often, the concept and production art created on a project is never seen by the public. Sometimes, just the incredible feat of simply pulling off a project overshadows the wide...

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