Author: Robert Trudeau

Get Up Offa That Thing

Statistics show that six out of ten children participate in extracurricular activities. One of the most popular activities, especially for young girls, is dance—though there has been a recent uptick in enrollment for boys. The dance community in the SBC area is quite large, with a quick scan of the internet easily picking up 10+ dance studios. Odds are you have a child taking dance, or you know someone whose child participates in dance classes. But is it truly a community? Community is defined as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests,...

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Seems Impossible: Shreveport’s Trees Face A Crisis

From the well-known spreading oak at Slattery Blvd. and Highland Ave to the state champion sycamore on the Youree Drive side of A.C. Steere park, Shreveport’s tree inventory is rich. Oil and gas comes and goes, but the tall, wide and ubiquitous trees make this town rich year round. Yet in Shreveport’s oldest and most tree-shaded neighborhoods, the whining machinery of the tree services are a commonplace sound. Is there trouble in paradise? Are Shreveport’s trees entering an era of decline? Asked if Shreveport’s trees are in a crisis state, Donna Curtis, veteran head of Shreveport Green, says “Yes.”...

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The Magic of Moviesauce

A wry sense of humor and pacing that avoids hype—that’s the trademark of movies made by Moviesauce. A Shreveport-based, award-winning media company composed of Evan Falbaum, Kemerton Hargrove and Erica Callais Falbaum, Moviesauce makes commercial videos for clients like Foster Orthodontics and music videos for bands like the Wall Chargers. They also produce online gear reviews (ex. the EasyRig steadicam) and movie reviews (“Ride Home Reviews”). Those series have built an extensive audience for the Moviesauce YouTube channel. With their diverse client work, they are long form storytellers, making both features (Getting Outer Space, 2011) and shorts (“Clowns and...

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