Author: Mandie Ebarb


Staring through the pitch-black night, listening for a sound, while trying not to make one himself, Vietnam era veteran Gary Humphries starts to recall memories long forgotten about his time at the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. Dripping with sweat, he remembers trying not to scream as he cleared the giant spider webs that would wrap around his face.  Gary is just one of 32 veterans who has recently participated in a series of art therapy workshops held at the Overton Brooks Medical Center in Shreveport. Gary describes his recent experience with art therapy as a way of...

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Reviving The Past

There was once a time in Shreveport’s history when the railroads hailed supreme. Four railroad companies operated out of the city and with them came people and thriving businesses, especially for downtown. Shreveport became a hub for travelers with passenger lines coming and going from both the East to West Coast line and the North to Gulf Coast line. In response to this growing industry, the Kansas City Southern and Shreveport and Gulf Terminal Co. built Shreveport Union Station in 1897. Union Station served a number of different passenger lines over the years with its most memorable being the...

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