Author: Lydia Earhart

A Shreveportrait: Ann Marye George

Alot of Ann George’s life is based on instinct. This pattern of acting on natural impulses has led George to become a world-renowned, award-winning fine arts photographer. But, she is also somewhat of an anomaly. The pursuit of two careers guided George to two different types of success—finding one passion while another was coming to an end. Her work today has not always been her life. “There’s a whole progression of [my life] that is kind of surprising,” she said. In Shreveport, George may be known to many as a businesswoman or a nurse. North Louisiana has been her...

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A Shreveportrait: Chloe DuPlessis

Most children have an idea of what they want to be when they grow up. Popular professions include doctors, teachers, veterinarians—which all share the common theme of children wanting to help others. As a high school student at Booker T. Washington, Chloe’ DuPlessis imagined herself as a grown up, dressed in a charcoal suit, hair blowing in the wind, wearing plum lipstick with a briefcase walking fiercely. “It could’ve been downtown D.C., New York City or downtown Shreveport, it didn’t matter,” she said. After four years of college at the University of New Orleans, DuPlessis was getting ready to...

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