Author: Kate Pedrotty

FitzGibbons & The Meadows Museum of Art

Sean FitzGibbons is guided by a professional principle that is as profound as it is simple: “I work from the idea that art is a basic human right that should be accessible to all.” In his first year as director of the Meadows Museum of Art at Centenary College, FitzGibbons has put this principle into practice and helped reinforce and expand the museum’s role as a cultural hub for the Shreveport-Bossier City community. FitzGibbons came to Centenary from the City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts and Culture, where he was responsible for curating and managing exhibitions for three...

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Climbing Comes To Shreveport

My son, who’s in third grade, recently finished up a social studies unit on Louisiana geography. In addition to learning about our major cities, parishes, and waterways, he also dutifully committed to memory the existence of Louisiana’s highest point, the 535-ft. Mt. Driskill in Bienville Parish. During that process he discovered—as all Louisiana children eventually do—that this place is really, really flat. Based on the topography that they see on a daily basis, I’m pretty sure that neither of my children’s perception of what’s fun and possible in the world currently includes the idea of literally scaling great heights....

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Talking Shop: Mayors

If you’re a fan of Shreveport history, politics or just plain good conversation, you’ll want to get your own cup of coffee and settle in for this issue’s Shop Talk- Shreveport Mayors Edition. In the midst of editorial planning for 2016, Shreveport Magazine realized that our city currently sits on a treasure trove of collective wit and wisdom in the form of six former Shreveport mayors: Bill Hanna (1978‐1982), John Hussey (1982­‐1990), Hazel Beard (1990­‐1994), Bo Williams (1994-­1998), Keith Hightower (1998‐2006), and Cedric Glover (2006-­2014). Over the course of a few days, the Magazine and the Mayors took a trip down memory lane...

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The American Way

When Bill Hardy’s Acrosports gym facility outgrew its original home off Bert Kouns Industrial Loop in the early 2010s, he knew it was time to build for the future, but wasn’t quite sure where to build. During a search that lasted more than a year, Hardy kept returning to a plot of land at the end of a street called American Way. This small pocket of potential was bounded by three of the area’s most vital traffic arteries: Line Avenue, I-49, and 3132. Hardy observed that thousands of potential customers were already circling this property every day as their...

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Entrepreneurs & Ambassadors

The creative energy that would eventually drive Shreveport native Paul King to create his small business, Index Drums, was unleashed by an unlikely source: science. In the summer of 2006, King was part of a team building exhibits for the new Space wing at SciPort and “loving everything about it.” He started building drums on the weekends — “primitive” and “ugly” by his own description — and returned to school at Louisiana Tech that fall with a new focus. “Eventually it got to the point where I didn’t need to build any more drums for myself,” says King. “After the first 30 or so, it started making sense...

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