Author: John Paul Young

A Thousand Fruit Trees For Shreveport

Shreveport is a city blessed with great natural wealth, which we can easily and cheaply turn into financial wealth. Our most valuable and accessible natural resource is our rainfall. Roughly four times the volume of Cross Lake falls as rain on Shreveport every year—about 80 billion gallons! Because of our water-repellent roofs, our impermeable concrete and asphalt pavements, and our dense red clay (covered only by a thin layer of grass, and repeatedly stripped and compacted by lawnmowers), almost none of these 80 billion gallons gets absorbed into the ground. Instead, it flows away in bayous and rivers—and in...

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The Next Big Thing

Shreveport’s finest architectural landmarks were built by an economy based on harvesting oil deposits from our land during the first half of the 20th century. While oil has played a critical role in the economy historically, there is a natural resource that could change the city of Shreveport. To be the basis of a strong and durable economy, this resource needs to not only be abundant in our area, but also needs to be financially efficient to harvest and use. Finally, it needs to be dependable from year to year. But by our good fortune, we have just the...

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