Author: Elizabeth Beauvais

The Problems( And Solutions) with Food Deserts

Poverty and health in Shreveport, as in cities around the world, don’t play nice. They don’t stay neatly within clear little boxes, easily fixed by one solution. Rather, they are deeply complex, messy, tangled and interrelated — and they affect us all. To complicate the picture even more, when we begin unpacking these issues to understand how change can best occur, we run aground of icebergs such as institutionalized racism in our food system, socioeconomically discriminatory patterns of development, uneven distribution of resources, and lack of access. Snowballed up in all of this are behaviors and perceptions that develop...

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Living Legends of Line Avenue

Whether homegrown or a transplant, we all have our own memory of what Uptown Shopping Center once was and have witnessed tremendous growth since its establishment over sixty years ago. Like an old Louisiana oak, it has nourished our city’s economy in providing a united roof for local retailers, bearing witness to the collective histories that have occurred within those walls as they come and go. In exchange, it has become among the most successful, liveliest suburban shopping centers in Shreveport. A SEEDLING In the late nineteenth century, Samson Weiner took root in Shreveport with his two sons, Earl...

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