Author: Angela Vinet

Masters of Enchantment

“Some of us have never really grown up and we are not going to—life is too short not to enjoy each day and that’s what we do here.” -Deb Beckmam Cockrell It’s not often walking into a store sweeps a shopper away to another place, another magical land where nothing but joy and all things wonderful reside. In Shreveport, such a place exists—The Enchanted Garden. For the past 37 years, Deb Beckman Cockrell has worked 70 plus hours a week to build her boutique, The Enchanted Garden, into something completely unique. She has successfully done this with many devoted...

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Brady & Bozz Take On The Holidays

At complete opposite ends of the restaurant spectrum we find local legends and chefs extraordinaire Bozz Baucum and Jason Brady. The two came together to talk about their time together in the kitchen and their respective family holiday traditions. Baucum and Brady began by greeting each other as old friends, having begun their relationship at the Cambridge Club when Brady was head chef and Baucum was his employee back in the early 2000’s. Both chefs not only have very different approaches to the kitchen, but also enjoy unique holiday traditions when it comes to food. During the holiday season...

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