When Greedy Williams walked into the gymnasium at the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, it was like coming home in more ways than one. He and his brother Lee Lee used to come there when they were young and now they returned for their 2nd Annual Backpack Giveaway. Greedy was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2019 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns and wanted to share his success with the more than 250 kids who came out to get a thrill and a backpack. Greedy wants to spread his story and encourage kids to reach their maximum potential no matter what they do. He has established a foundation whose mission statement is:

“This foundation was formed to impact communities in search of Educational, Cultural, Social, Motivational, Spiritual and Informational Topics that unite our world as it exists today.”

You can find more information about the foundation at begreedyfoundation.com. Despite the craziness of the event and the hundreds of hands he had shook, Greedy was kind enough to sit down with me and Ben Mintz (host of Mixin’ It Up With Mintz on 100.7 FM) for an interview. So from Calvary to Cleveland with a stop at LSU, here’s hometown hero Greedy Williams.

Video by Draeon.