Like you and me, a city has its very own astrology chart—a map of the sky at the exact time of “birth”. Of course, as it takes years and many events to establish an actual town, we look at something more formal to lock in its real birthdate, the day of incorporation.

For Shreveport, that day was March 20, 1839. Though finding the exact time of incorporation is insanely tricky (bonus points for anyone out there who can), we can indeed deduce and conclude. After some researching and asking a lot of questions, I have surmised that Shreveport was incorporated around 8:45 a.m. The city named after a steam boat captain surely has the planet of water (Neptune) in the very public 10th house high in the astrological chart. And don’t tell me a town who had a flourishing red lights district back in the day, and now a huge gambling draw doesn’t have aggressive Mars and fun-loving Jupiter in the 5th house of risky games. So, this means Shreveport has a Taurus Rising, slow and stubborn via change but also strong and beautiful (our Rose Gardens are indeed exquisite).

You can read the astrology of Shreveport just as you can someone’s own personal chart. In fact, the brilliant astrologer Carolyn Dodson has a whole book on the horoscopes of American Cities for those who are interested. So yes, we can actually glean all kinds of amazing clues and information about Shreveport and her future! Let’s dive in, shall we?

Based on the day of Shreveport’s incorporation, this town is a dreamy and mystical Pisces. Being a Pisces with a well-placed Neptune, our town can indeed thrive via art and music. The Moon in Shreveport’s Chart represents us—the very inhabitants of this city. It’s in chatty and curious Gemini, so we the people crave variety, knowledge, and communication. In fact, we are hungry for it! But the moon is harshly positioned against the planet Saturn, so there are restrictions. We at times feel blocked and frustrated, but there is a way out of this.

Shreveport has what is called a Grand Trine—a glorious and lucky aspect where three planets create a sort of triangle in the sky. It involves the Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune and is truly the best part of Shreveport’s Astrology Chart. And it is getting a massive activation in July.

In July, Jupiter will return to its exact place at the time Shreveport was incorporated in 1839. This is called the Jupiter Return and it is a once in 12-year experience! The last time this occurred was in August of 2005, when Katrina occurred. So, what was in fact a terrible time for New Orleans was wonderful for Shreveport. Hello movie industry and a swell of people. Jupiter = expansion.

The exact dates of Shreveport’s Jupiter Return in 2017 are July 14th to 25th. This is a really wonderful time for our city. Venus, the planet of love and beauty will also be involved, so any chance you get to attend an art show or play, or even the opportunity to hear live music would be epic. The involvement of Venus will also impact romance so look for opportunities to start dating someone or romance your significant other. This is a fabulous time for Shreveport, so do take advantage!

Another significant time for Shreveport in July is the 22nd and 23rd, when a New Moon in Leo syncs with Shreveport’s Mercury—the planet that governs our city’s intellectual pursuits. This and the days around it, would be a great time to hit up your local library, Sci-Port, or Shreveport Water Works Museum (it’s free!). Any chance we get to expand our minds is greatly favored.

August is especially exciting as there is a Full Moon Eclipse on the 7th that pulls in Shreveport’s Grand Trine, that trifecta of planets that flow so well together. This date and the two weeks prior is one of the best times to tap into our cities imaginative side. Remember the Neptune, Jupiter, Moon combination is where Shreveport thrives, so this would be a great day to check out Norton, Artspace, or attend a movie at the Robinson. And Neptune rules water, so it should come as no surprise that Shreveport is getting its first Aquarium during this Eclipse season.

There will also be a Mercury Retrograde that begins August 13th until September 5th. A Retrograde time is when a planet slows down its orbit and appears as if it’s moving backwards (it’s really not). But it’s best not to rush through anything during this 3-week phase. Don’t sign anything important and don’t buy anything too expensive. It is better to wait until AFTER September 5th, when our heads will be much clearer!

The Mercury Retrograde is however a great time to get into a back to school mindset and get everything in tip-top shape. This is the time to clean out closets, desks, reorganize and reassess. It’s also one of the best times of the year to reevaluate diet and exercise and eliminate any bad habits.

Understanding what our city has to offer—in an astrological sense—can help us experience our town in the best possible way. Working with this energy instead of against it creates flow and ease instead of irritation and strife. This is not pure magic, obviously, but it sure seems like it is!