Everyone loves the holidays. They are a time to be with family and see old friends that come in from out of town. If your family is anything like mine, every event is centered around excellent food and great drinks. In my humble opinion, no gathering of fellowship is complete without these crucial elements. Everyone has their preference on what they like to drink and they usually bring it. But have you ever wondered what your beverage of choice says about you to all the other partygoers? Well, wonder no more.

You absolutely have to respect the guy that brings box wine to a party. It makes a statement. That statement is “I’m here and I’m on a mission. I don’t care what you think. And I’m gonna get jolly.” I say respect him because he is blatantly saying he cares about quantity not quality. He’s treating the get-together like a job. And he’s coming to work. You will probably get a great story to add to the laundry list of “remember that time he got drunk and…”  

And of course you have the guy that brings a bottle of wine from a foreign country, like Spain. He’ll probably spend his night swirling a glass and trying to tell people why they should be drinking this wine instead of what they normally do. He’s also probably got some story about some trip he took and drank this wine where it was made. You all know that guy or someone like him. His name is probably Judd and he probably spends more time combing his beard than his girlfriend spends doing her hair.

There’s always that classy lady that brings a bottle of vodka to the party, which can always escalate quickly. She’ll start slow but she’ll crash fast, and eventually she will start crying for no reason. It is really just because she’s excited to be around everyone and got a little carried away. And she will get carried away– again. Say what you will about her, but she lives life in the moment with no regrets. Well, maybe a few regrets.

And then there’s that one girl who surprises you. She showed up with a friend of yours and a bottle of single barrel bourbon. You’ll eventually find out she’s not with him while she is sipping on the whiskey neat. While carrying the glass with her red lipstick print on it, you have an overwhelming desire to go talk to her. Mainly to ask if you can have a glass of what she’s having. She’ll smile and say, “You wouldn’t appreciate it.” Drinking good bourbon in a sea of Jim Beam drinkers makes you mysterious. It makes people wonder why they haven’t always been drinking Four Roses Single Barrel.

Beer is always appreciated… as a back up for when the good stuff is gone. When you walk into a party with a twenty-four pack of Miller Lite under your arm, you blend into the background. Nobody cares, bro. The only time you become a hero with a case of beer after college is when there are crawfish on the table. If you are going to bring beer, make it “Real Beer.” That being said, I’m happy to crush some Highlife around a fire with friends anytime.

At the end of the day, people are just happy to be able to get together and share a little bit of time with each other. No one really cares what you bring to drink with them, as long as you show up. Enjoy the festive time and good drink before the new year starts.