I‘ve loved music for as long as I can remember, it was my lifeblood. Now there is a new mistress that gets a lot of love from me. Her name is Wine. I was lucky enough to get to travel to Spain to tour the Juan Gil Family winery. It was an amazing trip. I wanted to bring my two huge passions and my once in a lifetime trip together. So how do we do this? We’re going to bring the raw, animal magnetism of these local rock bands and seductiveness of Spanish wines together for an evening you won’t ever forget. Let’s get started:

Shayliff- “Red Leather Jacket”
Kentia Albariño
The song has to be the pregame. It’s so rock and roll that while listening to it, a feeling of anything can happen takes over. Getting your mind right for the night means starting your evening with a fresh, bright white wine that prepares your palette for what’s inevitably coming you way. A whole lot of sexy, just like you planned. “I got my leather on, it’s a go!” is the perfect metaphor for this citrusy, zesty wine to start an anything can happen night. Drink it chilled because you never know how hot the night will get.

Lish Starshine & The Spirit Animals- “Night Of Pleasures”
Juan Gil 12 Meses Monastrell
“Relax! Let me move your mind,” A night of pleasures is calling and it’s only achieved only through a balance of intensity and swagger. The harmonious blend of deep red berries and 12 months of French oak are echoed in the vocal harmonies provided by Lish and company throughout the choruses and bridge of “Night of Pleasures.” Lish Starshine will seduce your sex appeal out of the shadows just like Juan Gil’s Monastrell will with it’s 15% alcohol. You didn’t even know it, but you were getting more luscious as the night went on.

Irene & The Sleepers- “Chains On Love”
Honoro Vera Garnacha
After a long night, of pleasures, there’s a perfect way to end it. Red wine and the hopeful anthem of youth from Irene and the Sleepers “Chains on Love.” Honoro Vera Garnacha is everyday drinkable with it’s bright red fruit and smooth finish. Combine that with “Chains on Love” and it feels like you’re supposed to be dancing, living and loving everyday . Drinking this while tapping your feet at an Irene show feels so perfectly natural it’s absurd to do anything else. It’s like you were supposed take you dad’s car and “drive till the sun gets warm again” and raise your glass to the next day.

Now that you’ve stayed up all night, I’m sure you have a slight headache and smile on your face. Make sure to check out the bands live and locally. Check out these bands on Facebok for more info. You can pick up a bottle of these wines at either Wine Country Bottle Shop (Kentia is $16.99, Juan Gil is $17.99, and Honoro Vera Garnacha is $8.99).